Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Monday, March 2, 2015

2014 Brain Injury and the Year Ahead

Just an update since my 65+ kph crash last May which left me with two spinal fractures and severe concussion. See the posts below for more information on this.
A tough topic to talk about but here is a short interview on my 2014 Brain Injury. Thank you to the Teen Online Problem Solving program for this footage.

Flat dinners in Cambridge
At this present point in time, 9-months on the injuries are showing good signs of mending and improvement, which has been such a relief. I have been very fortunate that people have supported me and allowed me full flexibility depending on how I feel each day. I have kept my mind off things by passing both the Cycling NZ Level 1 Coaching and Instructors course, and completing a comprehensive marketing plan for a private company. After passing my Massey University Market Research paper last semester with an A and receiving a Certificate of Excellence for being one of the top students in this paper, I went on to complete market research analysis for the Perry Group in Hamilton. The Perry Group is looking to create an Adventure Park in north Hamilton ( and my job was to estimate the demand for this! After a successful project, I look forward to working with the Perry group for this project going forwards.
Enjoying the last of summer in Raglan

I have also teamed up with Rapha to bring ‘Rapha Corporate Sessions’ to the Avantidrome for corporate riders to get their track cycling fix before work each Monday morning. I have loved being able to share some of my knowledge, see keen people wanting a mix of improvement and involvement with a group that I have a lot fun with.

Some of the Corporate riders with their Rapha Caps

I have been fortunate enough to be working with the Laura FergussonRehabilitation Centre for the past few months who have been constantly assessing my progress and giving me exercises to improve my concussion symptoms. Although fragile at times, my head is handling daily life much, much better. Getting back on the bike however, is still proving challenging. I am still not fit to vertically move my head in the gym and after my first bike interval session last week I had a migrane for the next 3 days!!
Seeming my bike progress at the moment it is two steps forwards-one back with no real definite time frame for completion of rehab, I have made the decision to change my occupation to a University Student for the year ahead. My underlying focus for the year however, is to continue with my rehab without stressing about a time limit of when I am going to get back competing. So this year will allow me to complete the majority of my Bachelor of Business Studies papers so that when my body is at 100%, I can focus my efforts purely on cycling. Assuming this all goes to plan, I will be back on my bike when I am 22 years of age, so there is still plenty of time left in my cycling career yet!
So for the year ahead I am looking forward to achieving the best grades possible in my university papers as well as continuing work for the Perry Group, and coaching at the Avantidrome. I also look forward to restarting my gym program and other exercise activities in the background of my studies, once the doctors have given me the all-clear.

On a final note, wasn't it great to watch the kiwi’s win gold at the World Champs recently and bring home the rainbow jerseys for the very first time in the Team Pursuit! Plus other fabulous medal performances including the Mens Team Sprint, which puts New Zealand Track Cycling in a great position heading into Rio 2016 Olympics.

I hope you have all set your goals for the year and are getting stuck into them!

Best wishes,


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 Mid-year Update

Tearing up the roads in my Rapha kit!

After nationals I had a couple of weeks break, visited some friends down in Wellington and even went up flying in a little aeroplane! Having had some quality fun time, the bad news came that I had been decarded and dropped from the NZ cycling program.  Not only had I been dropped, but so had most of the other girls - leaving the NZ Track cycling program with only 7 girls and 19 boys. This meant I had to go out and find myself a new coach, a new strength and conditioner, a new gym, new sponsors to fund my cycling journey, and most importantly - find myself some track time, in order to train. I was really fortunate to have people like Rob Waddell (2000 Sydney Olympic Gold medalist in Rowing) take time to meet with me and offer advice and motivation on ‘going at it alone’!! 

Cloud hopping during my time off!
I also did a bike review for the NZ Road Cyclist Magazine after nationals

Positive about the fresh new start, I quickly had a fantastic coach in hand, free membership at Cambridge Fitness gym, and everything was progressing to the extent of doing better powers on the track than at nationals where I picked up 2 bronze medals! I found it great having the freedom to do what worked best for me, and obviously it was working!

My next race was supposed to be next week in Adelaide, however during training on the velodrome, I had a nasty crash slamming into the back of a 90kg, slow traveling newbie while traveling at 65+kph. And as you can guess - 90kg vs. 60kg meant that I came off second best. The aftermath: Two fractures in my spine (T7 & T8), a spinal hematoma 1.5cm thick and severe concussion. This meant 2 weeks in a neck brace and weeks of rest ahead. Today marks 1 month to the day of the crash and although slow, I am pleased with my progress.  I have been back on the stationary bike at Cambridge Fitness for two weeks now doing recovery work and this week I hit the gym doing body weight exercises.  My body is feeling better each day and I’m looking forward to getting back into some tough training when my body is back at 100%.  A big thank you to Dr. Penny Thompson at Ascot Radiology and Dr. Sarah Beable from Unisports for all your help with my recovery process!

In hospital after my accident
Horleys keeping me fueled during my recovery!

Next up is a UCI race in September, then Oceania’s over in Adelaide in early October, so this gives me a good amount of time to get back on top of my training and be firing for the end of the year!

On the other side of the fence, I have been working as an instructor at the Avantidrome. Its great seeing people of all ages walk out with a complete buzz after riding a lap on the black line of the track. Instructing is also a great way to meet new people, and I love seeing them come back for more once they have caught the bug! Last week we had a corporate day with BNZ bank, getting all 80 of them on a track bike zooming around was awesome fun! Ending the day with a 1 lap individual time trial sealed the deal - A lot of competitive men that's for sure!

The BNZ Corporate day taking place at the Avantidrome 

Me and Mum now have matching Fixies!

I would like to thank you everyone for your amazing support during my tough start to the year. I’m positive as always and don’t you worry - I’ll be back! Hungrier than ever before..

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Early 2014 Update

Hi everyone

It’s been a full throttle start to the year for me, relocated from Auckland, nationals prep, instructor qualifications and most importantly have got used to the new Velodrome (named the Avantidrome ) here in my new backyard, Cambridge.

As a BikeNZ carded athlete it was expected of us to move close to the new "Home of Cycling" Avantidrome. For me this no longer meant I would be able to call Auckland home and it was time to start a new chapter in my cycling career down in Cambridge. Recently I got accredited through the Avantidrome and with the new Gym and athlete lounge now up and running, it means there’s a nice place to relax in between sessions.

Its awesome to have all the Cycling disciplines in such a small town along side Rowing NZ and Triathlon NZ already based here. The atmosphere in the town is electric with so many athletes coming and going. Its a nice town to be in.
Summer BBQ at our flat

I am in a flatting situation here in Cambridge which made the move an easy one with the house being all set up on arrival. Thankfully as I have been busy doing an "instructors" course at the Avantidrome which made life busy. It’s been a load of fun taking people of all ages up on the boards, adding an enjoyment factor to my training week. In early Jan, I ventured down to Wanganui for some racing with the NZ team and showed some good form and managed to win all the races I entered. Since being in Cambridge I have seen large improvements in my powers so I’m really excited to see where I will be this time next year.
Chuffed with my Wanganui Keirin win

I have been lucky enough to score an awesome part-time barista job at a French Café in town, which happens to use "All Press" coffee beans. If you know me at all, you will know that’s a dream come true so I absolutely love it!
Our little French café :)

The New Zealand Elite Track Nationals were on over the weekend. For me it was mixed with highs and lows but overall I am happy with how I performed. I did a huge personal best in my 500m Time Trial and also came away with 2 Bronze medals on the first day. Unfortunately I had a tumble on the second day and injured my shoulder, leaving me in a sling. It was a tough decision to pull the pin on the rest of the competition; nothing is harder than sitting in the stands watching my favorite event pass in front of me. I guess it will add fuel to training in the weeks to come. A huge thank you to all my friends and family who came down and supported me, it was great to see all of you enjoying the exciting racing at the Avantidrome.
During my 500m Time Trial

The 250m Time Trial Podium

I would like to send a huge thank you to Rapha ( for a care package I received the week before Nationals. I have been a long time fan of Rapha clothing since being involved with cycling and am over the moon to say they will be supporting me with gear to train in, in 2014. Riding in the ‘Rolls Royce’ kit feels fantastic and is quite inspirational.

Taking the new Rapha kit for a spin

To those supporters and sponsors that have sent well wishes and emails of support I say thank you! To all those avid followers please do click on my sponsors links and have a look and what they offer as its these people that keep me following my dreams.
It's a waiting game for me to find out where and what is on the horizon moving forward. I am sure I will hear in the coming weeks and have some questions answered regarding Commonwealth Games, Carding and Race Schedules. But for now, its time to relax and enjoy a week with family and friends back home.

Paige xx


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Wrap Up

Here’s what I have been up to since my Japan Keirin racing in September this year.

During the year we aim to peak for certain events, and by peaking for a whole month of racing in Japan, you naturally lose a little condition. So afterwards, I had a quick stop over at home before moving down to Invercargill to rebuild condition and find form again before the Oceania Championships.

Oceania’s had attracted a world-class field because of the UCI points on offer, so it was sure to be tough. This was going to be my first International competition since stepping up into the Elite age group. My best shot was in the Keirin, having competed in a whopping 25 keirin races this year! Being the only Kiwi in the Kierin final, and competing against 2 x Olympic gold medalist, and 10 x World Champion Anna Meares, you could say my nerves were rather high. But it was an exciting race and I was happy to walk away as the 5th best Keirin rider in the Oceania region.

In Anna Meares wake after the Keirin Final

Since the middle of October I have based myself down here in Invercargill so that I can focus purely on my cycling (while still completing Massey University studies extramurally). It has been extremely beneficial training on the indoor velodrome with my NZ teammates, Steph and Katie, pushing each other to the limits every day. I have also enjoyed working alongside Ross Machejefski on the track and Will Payne in the gym to get a different perspective on what I can work on. I have seen many improvements in this short space of time and I am really looking forward to further benefiting from the BikeNZ centralization in Cambridge in 2014.

My Japan Girls Keirin friend was competing also on the Tandem Bike, so awesome to catch up!

Road riding with my teammate Katie down in Invercargill
Post training lunch at Pita Pit

We have also had a lot of fun besides training. Over the past 3 weekends, I have visited Queenstown, Wanaka and been to the Invercargill horse races. Water skiing, mountain biking and training in the new High Performance gym in Wanaka were my highlights! I have also been studying a summer University paper over the last 6 weeks, which just finished on Monday! Man am I looking forward to some time off from studies over summer. Last semester I completed one paper while away in Japan, which resulted in my first ever A grade!! So I am 5 papers down with a B+ average for my first year..only about 5 more years to go..

Waterskiing in the Wanaka Lake
Mountain biking in Wanaka, such a beautiful country we live in!
In orange at the Invercargill Horse Races 

My future plans consist of a full summers training including the big move to Cambridge where I will set up camp for the next few years. My next competition is the Nationals in March 2014, to be held at the new Avantidrome in Cambridge.  Hopefully a few of my friends and family will be able to make the quick drive down from Auckland to check out the live action which is sure to be lightning fast!

I hope you all have a great festive season, enjoy the summer weather and time with your friends and family.

Paige xx

Friday, October 4, 2013

The last half of my Japan Keirin Racing

The second race session of my stay in Japan was in Tachikawa, Tokyo. During the first two days of racing, I had a good chance to try out some new tactics and gain confidence in them. This is the best thing about racing in the Japan Keirin, learning from every single race. On the last day I was in the A final and feeling good! I accelerated in the back straight coming from 6th position and I entered the final corner behind Becks James (current World Keirin and Sprint champ and race winner), but Hiroko Ishi was too strong in the final straight and she beat me by ½ a wheel on the finish line leaving me to take 3rd place. Hiroko is currently the top girls Keirin Rider in the Japan, winning the All Star keirin, a week prior to this race and taking with her over NZ $40,000 in prize money!

Here is the link to my race: if you watch at 7:10s you will see me greeting my fans also :)

Banter in the waiting room prior to the race
The final bend - Ishi in white, me in red.

Happy chappys after placing 1st and 3rd 

Between race sessions we had a short turn around so we decided to stay in Tokyo for 4 days rather than returning to school in Izu, 2 hours out of Tokyo.  During this time we watched our first ever game of live baseball with our friend Riko (Girls Keirin Rider and former baseball player), and then the next night a bit of Sumo wrestling - entertaining to say the least! I was also able to visit the 2014 Beruf Bag’s exhibition, which contained some very stylish and well-constructed bags! Without our usual interpreter to hand, I found my self-taught Japanese came in handy this week! However there were many laughs along the way.

Becks and I, treating ourselves after racing
Riko and me having fun at the baseball

A busy day in Tokyo - Gym, Beruf bag exhibition, Sumo wrestling, dinner

The next and final race session was in South Japan at Yokkaichi Velodrome.  I made the A final and once again tried to perfect one of my new tactics of going “senko” i.e. leading out the race. I gave it everything and came with 4th in my final race, a good result for me! Becks took out the win in style! I must mention what occurred after our race.

One of the male keirin riders competing, was going to retire after this racing session. In a thrilling race, he took the win by ½ a wheel. After the race he was showered with flowers from friends, fellow riders and family, literally 20 bunches of them. He then, in the carpark gave a speech to his supporters. Fighting back tears, standing tall he said that he was very proud of his racing career of 27 years, he had given his best effort right until the end. He told us all that we must keep fighting, and never give up. I stood back, holding off tears of my own, listening to others around me sobbing and it hit me again, how much keirin racing is a part of their culture, their job, their life.

My Keirin racing pants, kindly embroided with my name as a gift from Riko
Meeting some fans and giving them my signed fan post cards
We hosted a tea party during lockdown in the velodrome!
All and all, it was another fantastic trip. Lots of experience gained and lessons learnt. I couldn't have spent the month with a new and better friend than Becky James from Wales, Great Britain.  We had so much in common (i.e. desperate foodies!) and loved spending time and laughing together! I also loved catching up with the Japan Keirin girls I had met last time, and hearing how their training and racing is coming along. Nothing about the trip was boring, every day I woke up excited as to what the day was going to bring, not a day went by without a surprise, whether it was a lovely gift from a fan or a raw egg in my bowl of noodles. That is what makes Japan so special and a place I will always think fondly of.

Later this month, I am off to a BikeNZ camp in Invercargill, and will be building up to the Oceania championships in late November, again to be held in Invercargill, New Zealand.

P.S. Heres a video of one of our training sessions at school before our second racing session in Tachikawa... Enjoy!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Japan - First race session update


I’m back in Japan and almost half way through my time here, which seems crazy! I am here with Becky James from Great Brittan and we are having an awesome time so far!

Princess's with Samurai Kouta-san at Odawara castle. Kouta-san is a top class Mens Keirin Rider here in Japan!
With our sashimi Boat
The first week consisted of Japan Keirin School, where we learnt the history of the Japan Keirin and the rules and regulations so that we were fit for racing. This week concluded with 4 qualification exams before we trained off to Tokyo for the presentation of our Keirin liscenses. We got in some good training during the week and enjoyed spending some time with the International Keirin Men who were also in town.

Here is some footage of the press conference including me speaking some Japanese 

With the International Boys - we ate some tounge, stomach and heart for dinner!

Training at school
Warm down chats with Becky

Our first racing session was this week at Matsudo velodrome. I had fond memories of this velodrome and I started off well again this time. In the first two qualifying races, I placed 2nd consecutively to put myself in a good position for the final. These were my best results in Japan to date! However the final didn't go as planned for me, but I have learnt a lot from it to take forward to next weeks racing. My partner in crime Becky, finished off the job nicely to take the win!

Facing the Media in Matsudo Velodrome Day 1
Matsudo Final - Check out the NZ flag on my sleeve!
Our new Japan Girls Keirin friends :) So lovely!

For more photos and videos of my time here in Japan, please visit

A big week of training ahead before our next race on the 21st of September!


P.S. If you would like more details of my experience during Japan Keirin racing, please see my first blog in March 2013.